Love, Selfish Love


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Those people who constantly reblog your stuff but you never really talk:



Today I didn’t buy a plastic skeleton, no, I bought a friend.


Today I didn’t buy a plastic skeleton, no, I bought a friend.


shoutout to mozzarella sticks


have you ever known somebody so shitty they completely ruin that first name for you?


Adults complaining about the younger generation are really just saying their generation did a shitty job raising their kids.

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Why So Serious?
Hans Zimmer & James Newton Howard


From The Dark Knight OST.



Zoe Saldana: Sci-Fi Queen!

But Also:


I dunno if you’ve seen the amazing spiderman 2 and i mean really, i don’t normall watch super hero movies but I watched it with my sister ‘cause she was super fucking excited to show it to me i I was like mmk, that’s not the point… there’s this song on the soundtrack that is absolutely gobsmack brilliant, well actually it was released as a bonus because it wasn’t on the soundtrack but it’s a downloadable single, NOT THE POINT. Anyway, the song is called Paranoia and is the theme of the Villain, Electro, and the job that Hans Zimmer did on it was just absolutely fucking amazing. He wrote the song to feel like a Paranoia/anxiety attack and he got it so spot on. Like, there’s symphonic elements to it and the manic “thoughts” of Electro weave in and out of those bits like the actual surging thoughts of someone having a panic attack. Also, the way the music cuts out at certain points almost completely is like the brief moments of clarity during a panic attack and then there’s the point where he actually starts to hate the spider man and the way it just grows from a small realization into this just roar of thoughts that envelope him just scream panic attack. Also the song frequently bounces back and forth between hardcore dubstep to symphonic bits, the way they are used mimic the symphonic bits as to create a dubstep type symphony of hysteria

Pharrell Williams ft. Hans Zimmer


This is an incredibly wonderful song! And DAYUM Dane DeHaan hot man

My Enemy
Hans Zimmer/The Magnificent Six


The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack): Still Crazy ->

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack): You’re That Spider Guy ->

"Some will love it, some will hate it.  I love it – the first disc provides an hour of music that features some of the composer’s most creative writing in a number of years and works brilliantly as a listening experience, that contrast between the (somewhat) traditional approach for Spider-Man and the brutally modern approach for Electro proving truly compelling.  There’s an excellent dramatic architecture, real musical storytelling if you will." - James Southall


Alright, Pinhead. Yer time is up.


Alright, Pinhead. Yer time is up.